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Silk Scarves | Scarfaichean sìoda

Superb print quality reveals exquisite detail and sumptuous colours in which to envelop yourself. Wear our accessories how, when and where you want. 

We currently have three sizes of square silk scarves:

  • 65cm x 65cm square – midi scarf
  • 90cm x 90cm square – large scarf
  • 130cm x 130cm square – grand scarf
Midi square scarf (65cm x 65cm)

This designer silk scarf at 65cm x 65cm sits between a full sized scarf and a pocket square. Worn around the neck, hair or cascading from a bag or pocket, the luxurious drape of pure silk enables a variety of ways to express yourself.

Large square scarf (90cm x 90cm)

As with all our 100% designer silk scarves the drape is glorious and our 90cm x 90cm square will flow around your shoulders, cascade down one side, wrap, caress and express your individuality with its statement artwork. 

Grand (130cm x 130cm)

Our largest, luxury 100% designer silk scarf exudes style with the fluidity to wear with your own creative flourish. Such an indulgent scarf affords an abundance of silk to envelop yourself with. Our generous 130cm x 130cm square allows you the freedom to express yourself.


As our square scarves are finished by hand to create the rolled edges, the size can vary slightly from scarf to scarf as can the exact nuance of each hand rollers technique.

Ready to Own or Gift

Our sensuous square scarves come in a presentation box embellished with our logo and completed with the story behind the design enclosed within a branded envelope.

Silk Ribbons Scarves  – coming soon!

Our silk ribbon scarves give a wealth of versatility as an adornment for any occasion. Tied around a wrist, neck, waist, bag, head or hair to list just a few ways this versatile accessory can enliven and accentuate.

Our narrow silk ribbon scarves, sometimes called twillies or ribbon ties, are printed in Scotland and sewn up in Applecross on 100% silk crepe de chine. 

We have two lengths of ribbon scarf. Sizes are approximate and can vary slightly during the making process.

Wear them the way you want

Though we offer some suggestions we don’t think there is a right or wrong way to wear our scarves. 

Wear them where you want, when you want, how you want.
In public or in private!

Anyone can wear our scarves!

However you identify, feel the freedom of wearing a scarf where design transcends labels. You won’t find us defining our scarves in gender terms. If you would enjoy wearing or gifting our scarves then they are for you however you identify. 

As with the fluidity of the silk itself, if you love our scarves wear them.

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