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Applecross Croft Ptarmigan design inspired by the Scottish Highlands for our exclusive gift collections.


The ptarmigan – more than it first appears – changes with the seasons and takes different guises. This design is based on the bird’s dramatic change from dark summer tones to white winter plumage. In its transformations, and with many Gaelic versions of its name, the ptarmigan represents how we are not always the same thing to all people.

Tormachan an t-slèibhe comes from words like torman, which means rumbling, a musical murmuring or croaking, not from its appearance, a reminder that we should not judge by what we see. Looks do not represent bravery, boldness or beauty.

In Icelandic myth, the ptarmigan refused to submit to the Virgin Mary’s order to walk through fire like all the other birds of the world. For its disobedience and independence, it was cursed to be defenceless and persecuted.
Despite this, the ptarmigan survives and endures in the fiercest conditions, through the blizzards and storms nature throws at it on the coldest mountain tops. This design recognises that multiple perspectives shape the world for each of us.

✓ Designed in Applecross
✓ Hand-rolled hems
✓ 100% silk

Exclusive designs, created with love for you to cherish.
Dealbhadh sònraichte, air a chruthachadh le gaol gus am faigh thu tlachd mhaireannach ann.

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 A Highland coo detail on our Bealach na Bà scarf design inspired by and created in the Scottish Highlands and perfect for a special present.


GRAND (approx 130 x 130cm) – an abundant swathe of silk in which to envelope yourself. 

LARGE (approx 90 x 90cm) – a luxurious billow of silk to express yourself with.

MIDI (approx 65 x 65cm) – such a versatile square that can be worn cascading from a pocket, around a neck, wrist or waist, draped from a shoulder or billowing from a bag. 

Square scarf sizes are approximate due to the individuality of the hand-rolled hemming process.