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SILK SCARVES | LARGE | 90cm x 90cm

✓ 90cm x 90cm
✓ Hand-rolled hem
✓ 100% silk twill
✓ Designed in Applecross
✓ Printed in the UK
✓ Wearable art

Our luxury silk scarves exude style with the fluidity to wear with your own creative flourish. As with all our 100% silk scarves the drape is glorious and our 90cm x 90cm square affords you the freedom to express yourself.

Superb print quality reveals exquisite detail on sensuous silk twill exuding sumptuous colours in which to envelop yourself.

Wear our accessories how, when and where you want. 

Our scarves come in a presentation box embellished with our logo and completed with the story behind the design enclosed within a branded envelope.

Exclusive designs, created with love for you to cherish.
Dealbhadh sònraichte, air a chruthachadh le gaol gus am faigh thu tlachd mhaireannach ann.

Read more of our design stories in both English & Gaelic here.

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 A Highland coo detail on our Bealach na Bà scarf design inspired by and created in the Scottish Highlands and perfect for a special present.


GRAND (approx 130 x 130cm) – an abundant swathe of silk in which to envelope yourself. 

LARGE (approx 90 x 90cm) – a luxurious billow of silk to express yourself with.

MIDI (approx 65 x 65cm) – such a versatile square that can be worn cascading from a pocket, around a neck, wrist or waist, draped from a shoulder or billowing from a bag. 

Square scarf sizes are approximate due to the individuality of the hand-rolled hemming process.