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HeartStorm Collaboration

In addition to the wonderful artistic contributions, our collaborators are friends, and we hold immense value in the bond we share and the support and creative inspiration they bring. 

Garden Cottage Compositions – Suzanne Gillies

Discover the HeartStorm Design: A Harmonious Blend of Art and Music.

We are delighted that Suzanne of Garden Cottage Compositions, based here in Applecross, accepted our proposal that she compose a piece of piano music inspired by the story behind, and her own reaction and interpretation of, our HeartStorm design.

She was thrilled to be asked to write a piece inspired by our HeartStorm design and story. HeartStorm reflects the themes that run through most of her piano pieces – love, loss, the sea.

In writing HeartStorm, she hoped to capture the words in the scarf for the different moods of the sea - caressing, surging, crashing, drifting, rising, falling.

She also wanted to convey the different words connected to love, including fragility, intensity, heartbreak and love itself.

Different elements within the design have there own musical motif including the fishing boat.

HeartStorm is the tenth piano piece that Suzanne has written. Next summer her vinyl album, featuring all ten pieces of piano music will be ready for release. If you would like to listen to them, eight of the pieces are on SoundCloud – 'Garden Cottage Compositions.

Suzanne will be launching the album at Clachan Church next summer, with a live performance of some of her pieces. We can't wait for that. You can then combine the whole HeartStrom collection with scarf, greetings card and vinyl record.

Sarah Paramor

Sarah uses heritage basketry skills to create contemporary basketry for exhibition and for the catwalk.

As well as her basketry skills, Sarah has a wonderful way with words and she was the perfect person to add her creative input to find the expressive words featured on the HeartStorm design that relate to both emotion and the movement of water. Her input was a valuable contribution to achieving the essence of the movement of water through the combination and order of the words to emphasise the ebb and flow in nature and our emotions.

Future Collaborative Work

The collaborations have brought so much energy to Applecross Croft and we hope to continue working with other like minded creatives in different ways as we build up our collections of designs. Our collaborations have infused Applecross Croft with a great deal of energy, and we are excited to keep partnering with like-minded creatives as we expand our range of designs.

HeartStorm design by Applecross Croft – luxury silk scarves designed in Scotland.