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Applecross Croft • HeartStorm design inspired by the Scottish Highlands for our exclusive gift collections.


Love – one word. So powerful a word that it encompasses the romantic, the platonic, the familial. Love can overcome our fear of the unknown, stimulate our desire for adventure, drive us to give ourselves completely to another. Love for self, love of other, love for place, community, nature. It represents the thrill of a greater sharing, the leaping pleasure and searing pain that come with the peaks and troughs of emotion.

In the meeting of land and sea, in the appearance of real or imagined shorelines and boundaries, the designs woven into HeartStorm represent the meeting of hearts, minds and bodies, and the cardinal points of our emotions. The intensity of love as it ebbs and flows between and within us is mirrored by the rising and falling of the imagery.

With our hearts we navigate our lives, through our heartstorms we come to know ourselves, to understand the great leviathans, formidable and mysterious, swimming within the unexplored depths of each of us.

The seas of our heartstorms are crashing, billowing breakers of desire, and the gentle, lapping caress of the tide. The power and ferocity, the calm, still mirror of the heart. 

✓ Designed in Applecross
✓ Hand-rolled hems
✓ 100% silk

The HeartStorm design has a piano composition composed specially for it by Suzanne Gillies of 'Garden Cottage Compositions' Find out more on our dedicated collaborations page with a link to the music.
Orders in December 2023 for our square HeartStorm silk scarves will come with a free HeartStorm greeting card & envelope.

Exclusive designs, created with love for you to cherish.
Dealbhadh sònraichte, air a chruthachadh le gaol gus am faigh thu tlachd mhaireannach ann.

Read more of our design stories in both English & Gaelic here.

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HeartStorm design fileHeartStorm midi scarf tied
New larger sizeHeartStorm exclusive silk scarf design by Applecross Croft – luxury Scottish Highland giftHEARTSTORM | STOIRM-CHRIDHE | GRAND SILK SCARF | 130cm x 130cm
HeartStorm has its own piano composition inspired by it and created by Suzanne Gillies.

HeartStorm Piano Composition

HeartStorm has its own beautiful piano composition inspired by our design and created by Suzanne Gillies of 'Cottage Compositions'. More of Suzanne's wonderful music is available to listen to on SoundCloud. Suzanne's music will be released as an album in the future.


 A Highland coo detail on our Bealach na Bà scarf design inspired by and created in the Scottish Highlands and perfect for a special present.


GRAND (approx 130 x 130cm) – an abundant swathe of silk in which to envelope yourself. 

LARGE (approx 90 x 90cm) – a luxurious billow of silk to express yourself with.

MIDI (approx 65 x 65cm) – such a versatile square that can be worn cascading from a pocket, around a neck, wrist or waist, draped from a shoulder or billowing from a bag. 

Scarf sizes are approximate due to the individuality of the hand-rolled hemming process.