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OUR ETHOS | Feallsanachd


The carbon footprint of commerce can be impacted by the way we live outside our working lives. We are not fully self-sufficient but we do grow our own fruit and vegetables on our croft using organic principles. 

We have planted trees rather than purchasing carbon credits. The croft features hundreds of trees and shrubs that we have individually planted and tended. We grew many from local seed sources and nurtured them and, as a result, the biodiversity on the croft is increasing year on year. The air is filled with bird song and the buzz of bees. Applecross Croft is frequented by frogs, toads, adders, slow worms, dragonflies, butterflies, owls, badgers and the odd pine marten. After ten years, our hedges provide shelter for the neighbouring crofters' livestock. 

Reducing waste, naturally

Applecross Croft creates timeless designs that transcend seasonal fashions. We buy things we love and can treasure beyond the passing trends of fast fashion. Slow down and surround yourself with the possessions and people that bring you joy.

  • The digital print for our silk scarves uses water-based reactive dyes. 
  • Digital print allows for endless colours without the need for long print runs and plate making. It suits our designs and reduces wastage. We size our silk products to create as little wastage as possible.
  • Our gift boxes are made in Scotland with FSC accredited sources for the paper and board. The boxes are covered with 100% recycled Kraft paper making them fully recyclable. Our mailers are paper-based where possible and a water-resistant layer, if required, is provided by a compostable corn starch bag. 

Our suppliers

We are currently using suppliers from Scotland and England but we will look further afield for any specialists and traditional makers that will enrich what we can offer. Our scarves are printed in Scotland and England. Our gift boxes are made in Ayrshire and we source the majority of our printed packaging elements from Strath Print on the Isle of Skye. We have our care labels printed in East Kilbride, Scotland.

      Anyone can wear our scarves

      We don’t define our scarves in gender terms. If you enjoy wearing or gifting our scarves then they are for you, however you identify. 

      'Feel the freedom of wearing a scarf where design transcends labels.'

      Giving back

      We believe in strengthening our rural community to make it a viable place to live for future generations. We have contributed to our local area by volunteering for the Applecross Community Company and by gifting design skills to local charities and businesses. 

      As a young business, we will donate £5 for each large square scarf we sell online. In the future, once we are established, we aim to gift 5% percent of our profits to Highland charities of our choice.

      We support the decentralisation of business practice and the strengthening of our Scottish rural economies and places. 

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