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Applecross Croft • Bealach na Bà design inspired by the Scottish Highlands for our exclusive gift collections.


Inspired by the mountain pass of the same name on the Applecross Peninsula.

The hill road into and through the Applecross peninsula is iconic and inspirational, exhilarating, challenging and yet everyday. A lifeline that links the shores of Applecross Bay to the hilltops and Loch Kishorn. It is a way in and an escape.

This design speaks to the historic wealth of Applecross, which was built on cattle. The route’s name Bealach na Bà, the pass of the cattle, links us to the drovers who walked the beasts to the markets of southern Scotland. At home, the tenants paid their rents in butter and cheese. In our past, these cattle were as important as life and death. We remember the balance of people and nature, the frayed connections between us and the cycle of seasons. We think about our journeys through our lives and our landscapes, the narrow roads we navigate, the challenges we face, the splendour that the heart and eye comprehend.

✓ Designed in Applecross
✓ Hand-rolled hems
✓ 100% silk

Exclusive designs, created with love for you to cherish.
Dealbhadh sònraichte, air a chruthachadh le gaol gus am faigh thu tlachd mhaireannach ann.

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Bealach na Bà luxury silk scarf exclusively designed in Applecross. Luxury Scottish Highland gift.Bealach na Bà luxury silk scarf designed in the Scottish Highlands. Luxury Scottish Highland gift.
Bealach Na Bà | LARGE SILK SCARF | 90cm x 90cmBealach Na Bà | LARGE SILK SCARF | 90cm x 90cm
New larger sizeBealach na Bà exclusive silk scarf design by Applecross Croft – luxury Scottish Highland giftBealach na Bà scarf design
 A Highland coo detail on our Bealach na Bà scarf design inspired by and created in the Scottish Highlands and perfect for a special present.


GRAND (approx 130 x 130cm) – an abundant swathe of silk in which to envelope yourself. 

LARGE (approx 90 x 90cm) – a luxurious billow of silk to express yourself with.

MIDI (approx 65 x 65cm) – such a versatile square that can be worn cascading from a pocket, around a neck, wrist or waist, draped from a shoulder or billowing from a bag. 

Square scarf sizes are approximate due to the individuality of the hand-rolled hemming process.